​1975 Ignacio Fleta 

On behalf of my company Nugent Guitars Ltd, I am very pleased and privileged to offer the following service for our customers

Historic Guitar Research (World-Wide)

Valuation Service (World-Wide)


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If you wish to take advantage of this large customer audience and advertise for your business on this group 'my classical & flamenco guitars', then any such advertisement must be classical and or flamenco guitar relevant. We offer such advertisement oportunity and in return we only ask that you share the link www.nugentguitars.com to your web and FB page/group. If you prefer not to add our website then all we ask is that you can make a relevant donation to us, made payable to Nugent Guitars (See all details below). Once you have added our link or made payment then please let us know and we will add your advertisement to the group.

Research & Valuation

Through the passion I have for the classical guitars and it's luthiers, I have for many years studied and travelled in search of guitar information and knowledge...

I do not believe there can be such title as "expert" in this field, as the search for new information continues daily and is, in my opinion, infinite. However, I do possess a very comprehensive knowledge in this subject area and I am expert enough to know how to research and discover information which is not readily available to me.

I have particular fondness and interest in the classical guitars from Spain throughout the 19th & 20th Century.

I have provided this service for many clients over the years, which has on all occasions proved successful.

Please contact me direct if you would like to discuss research, or in fact need a valuation of your guitar/s.

I do not set a fee for this service, as I believe all research cases and valuations should be taken on a case by case basis. But I do kindly ask that on the completion of any service consideration is given to  making a donation of any amount to Nugent Guitars (reference: research). All donations will be gratefully received and, as has been done in the past, be used in the further research of the classical guitar and it's luthiers, so this information may continue to be successfully shared with our world community.

The donation is not obligatory..it is voluntary.

Thank you

Tony J. Nugent


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