1967 Jose Ramirez 1a     Serial No. 2437

1984 Seven String Russsian Classical Guitar

2005 Manuel Rodriguez Senior (1926 - 2008)

Nikolai Ivanovich (AKA: Petrovich) Yeschenko (1932 - 2016)

We are at this time very busy writing Nikolai Yeschenko's biography. This is being done in cooperation with Nikolai's family, who have very generously forwarded all their personal knowledge of this great man - who is without doubt one of the very best luthiers to have lived, and this will be published soon. This is a very exciting time for us all, to finally be able to introduce Nikolai and his very creative work to you all. 

Although both of these wonderful guitar are in our historical museum section, they are, as are all of our guitars, available to our customers. So, if you require any further information or would like to speak to us about acquiring one or both of these beautiful guitars, then please write to us or call us.

Thank you

Tony J Nugent


Nugent Guitars 

CITES Article 10 No. 555637/01

Celebrating it's 50th Anniversary

1986 Six String Classical Guitar

The Rodriguez Family is recognized as one of the most prominent luthier families in Spain. The concert guitar represented here was built by Manuel Rodriguez Senior in 2005, who was the second in the legendary Rodriguez line of luthiers.

Here is a concert guitar which is a first class example of a concert guitar built during one of the best decades for the Ramirez workshop. By the 1960's Jose Ramirez lll had managed to gather together one of the greatest team of luthiers in the world to build and deliver some the the very highest quality and very sought after classical guitars. 

It has always been a testiment to the Ramirez workshop that players from all over the world in the 60's  would be eager to own and play their guitars. And the beautiful voice of these instruments really did and still does stand testament to the achievements of Jose Ramirez lll and his team.

However, it would be unkind of me not to also mention the great maestro himself Andres Segovia, who thought extremely highly of these 1960's Ramirez guitars, which is why he owned and played several from this decade.

This wonderful concert guitar is now celebrating it's 50th anniversary and still it sings just so beautifully that if one plays this guitar, then it becomes immediately evident that one is playing something magical.

We will, I fear, never see another workshop of such great men and luthiers as we did in,  what I truly believe was, the decade among all decades for Jose Ramirez guitars and players.