Luthier: Luis Arturo Dominguez

Country: Mexico

Year: 2016

Model: Hand-Crafted Concert Classical (Inspired on the works of Antonio de Torres) 

​Top: Canadian Picea (Spruce)

Back: Root of Rosewood (Extremely rare)

Sides: Root of Rosewood (Extremely Rare)

(All wood has been dreid for minimum of 20 years)

Fret Board: dark Ebony

Scale: 65mm

Nut: 52mm

Bracing: Unique 15 brace pattern designed by Luis Arturo Dominguez with inspiration from Antonio de Torres.

Polish: Shellac French polish & Oil.

Condition: 2016 in wonderful condition having been kept in a humidity controlled environment during and since build.

A guitar which is extremely well balance with deep bass and really the sweetest trebles I have heard on a classical guitar, sounding very piano like with excellent sustain. This guitar has clarity and, due to the unique bracing system, much volume - more volume than one would expect of a guitar inspired by Antonio de Torres. 

Some more information about the luthier...

Luis Arturo Dominguez was born in the port of Tampico Tamaulipas, where he completed his studies as a Chemical Technician at the Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero, studying the preparation of pianos, restoration and the technical  science behind the instriments, in the workshop of the prestigious teacher E. LOPEZ. He continued his studies for a the period of five years until 1989, and with private teachers respectively. Luis then travels to New York City for a 6 months stay at Steinway & Sons' restoration workshop where he has the opportunity to meet Henry Z. Steinway last descendant of said family.

​In 1996 he travels to the city of Querétaro where he realizes the studies of Lic. In Lauderia. It was in this year that he began his studies at the Lauderia Institute of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature.

​In 2000, he received an invitation from Dr. Ma. De Los Angeles Rechy De Von Roth, director of the Faculty of Wood Technology at the University of Nuevo León to carry out a research project in Germany, presenting the project titled "Correlation of Mexican timbers with those traditionally used in the construction of a rubbed string instrument" resulting in the construction of a violin with Paloescrito wood collected in the Querétaro and Oyamel Sierra Gorda and in the forests of Michoacán, receiving a recognition by the institutions and the orchestra of the city of Neubrandenburg, where this project was developed. At the moment this violin belongs to the violinist Dorothea Shubert who is a member of the Philharmonic of that city. He attends cello master classes with teachers: Nattella Zarakhian, Jimenez Cacho Quartet White. He participates in the courses of Lauderia with the teachers Lauderos: Patrick Robin - France, Alessandro Voltini - Italy, Ada Quaranta - Italy Claude Macabrey - France.

In 2001 he participated in the International Biennial of Lauderia, organized by INBA, receiving a recognition as a finalist of the same, concluding his studies of Lic. In Lauderia in the same year, developing as Laudero (luthier) in this city to date, also he participated in the Arizona international competition, receiving the best violin sound prize. Likewise, it develops from 2014 to the date like professor in chief of the school of Laudería of the Morelense Center of the Arts, in construction of instruments as well as the handling of the varnishes.

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Luis Arturo Dominguez