Luciano Lovadina, born in 1958, devoted himself to lutherie since 1980.

Learned the profession from the violinmaker Mario Novelli, he began working with Franco Simeoni, one of the most prestigious Italian violin makers of string instruments, learning the deeper truths of liutaria.

He attended a course in France about the construction of old instruments by Stephen Murphy.

He also built romantic guitars based on a French model of 1920 and Baroque guitars copies of Stradivari.

Some internationally renowned concertists as Frank Bungarten, Oscar Ghiglia, Carlos Bonell, Stefano Palamidessi, Giulio Tampalini, Morgan Szymanski and many others are owners of his instruments.

"Luciano Lovadina makes beautiful guitars with a big sound and beautiful tone full of character. There is wonderful sustain and balance too... a pleasure to play"

​Carlos Bonell

Some further information about the luthier...

Luciano Lovadina


Luthier: Lucian Lovadina

Country: Italy

Year of Construction: 2017

Model: Luciano Lovadina Concert Classical

Top: Italian Spruce

Back: Slovenian Flamed Maple

Sides: Slovenian Flamed Maple

Rosette: Hand Made Inset

Tuners: M & M

Scale: 650mm

Nut: 52mm

Finnish: French Polish

Condition: New

This is the first guitar we have from Luciano Lovadina and it is obvious why his work is so highly thought of in the guitar world. A beautiful guitar using only the very highest quality woods and meticulously hand crafted to deliver a colourful guitar with a character of sweet trebles which sustain under the even balance. A bright guitar which retains a warmth and a volume which can deliver when needed with retaining the clarity across all frets.

This is really a concert guitar of grandeur status.