Giuliani Classical Guitar Strings




At Nugent Guitars we are proud and delighted to represent Giuliani Music (Italy) who very early on in their work have demonstrated their passion, dedication and commitment to ensuring a continued research & development to offer the very best classical guitar strings to players of all levels.

"The infinite search for the sound that each artist accomplishes at any time in his career since the early years of study represents the starting point from which our Ideas are born...Giuliani Guitar Strings sanctify the beautiful sound of a professional guitarist and the comfort, the fast setting that does not compromise good intonation on the whole handle. Comparison with musicians is the fundamental fulcrum of our work"



It is extremely important to us here at Nugent Guitars that we offer the very best strings and service to our customers.

We have added the least charge available for the delivery of our strings to you, but to save even further cost please consider ordering more than one set at a time - we recommend about five sets. This will allow us to save much of the shipping cost which we will pass on to you our customer.

We have at the request of customers over the past years offered the ability to purchase the strings immediately at the click of the 'PayPal' button, and this we are sure will assist our customers very much. However, if you wish to pay on collection with cash or by bank transfer, then this is also acceptable to us.

All strings will be dispatched the next working day using 1st class postage by Royal Mail. If you are nearby then please stop by and have a coffee with us and collect your strings in person.

If you need any further information regarding the strings or our guitars then please do contact us and we will ensure you get a quick reply and we will do our best to answer your enquiry.

If you need the strings changed then please call us to discuss this and we will be delighted to assist.

​Tony Nugent