A very gifted and experienced Romanian master luthier who has some of the leading concert guitarists performing on his instruments. 

Constantin Dumitriu started out playing classical guitar, but in his early 20s, he encountered one of Pujols former students named Eduard Pamfil who helped guide Dumitriu towards building. 

In 2002, Dumitriu met a student of Antonio Marin Montero in Sweden named Alejandro van der Horst. Van der Horst explained all of the steps in building a guitar in the Granada style and, as Dumitriu puts it, this was the moment when I was practically born as a guitar maker. After the meeting with van der Horst, he spent the next year studying the principles of the Granada style and then he started building a new concept, which broke away from traditional construction tradition. As Dumitriu explains “...I used only wood, but with the structure of the soundboard modified and much closer to the sound system of the guitar... the basic idea is that the natural structure of the wood (soundboard) has nothing to do with the sound system of the guitar...” 

Constantin Dumitriu’s unique style was recognized on an international level in 2005, when he was asked to give first prize in different International Festivals (Sinaia-Romania, Velbert-Germany, Iserlohn-Germany). Several leading artists play his guitars:

Costas Cotsiolis (considered by many to be the best guitarist of his time) Here is an extract from Festival Cyclades:

"...He worked together at concerts with great guitarists like John Williams, John McLaughlin, Maria Farandouri...Vicente Amigo. Great composers like Leo Brouwer, Ernesto Cordero, Sergio Assad, Dusan Bogdanovich...have all dedicated their works to him..."


Hubert Kaeppel (Germany), Frank Gerstmeier (Germany), Thomas Kirchoff (Germany) and many others from Europe.

Country: Romania

Year: 2017 (September)

Model: 'New Concept' 

Top: Solid Canadian Cedar

Back: Solid Dark Madagacar Rosewood ‘Arched’

Sides: Solid Dark Madagascar Rosewood.

Rosette: Hand made and inset (newest design)

Fret Board: Ebony (20th Fret)

Scale: 650mm

Nut: 52mm

Tuners: Original Schaller

Finish: Top: Light Shellac
Back & Sides: Nitrocellulose

Condition: New


Some say it's a guitar similar to the guitar of Greg Smallman;

Some say it's a guitar similar to the guitar of Matthias Dammann;

We say neither...we simply, and with much excitement, say it is one of the greatest achievements and developments in the guitar world today...

Breathing inspiration from the Smallamn and Dammann guitar for sure, but this guitar belongs to the hands and imagination of one of the greatest makers in the world today - Constantin Dumitriu.

The new concept model is built of all solid woods and has an internal bracing system which has taken Constantin over 25 years of tireless dedication, research and hard work, through the building process of many wonderful concert guitars, to achieve - what we say is the new chapter in the history of the classical guitar.

The internal bracing is scientifically thought out and designed on the human voice, and quality hand built to ensure this guitar delivers in any concert hall of any size. 

The tonality is what you would expect, loud without loss of colour and great projection. A real clarity which allows every individual melody and or harmony to fill the air, and the listener to inhale all the wonderful musical colours created.

The wood used in the construction of this guitar is of the highest grade (as can clearly be seen in the photographs)

Constantin describes this guitar as the 'New Concept' model and that is exactly what it is - a new concept. This is a concert guitar which is going to revolutionise the classical guitar world.

This wonderful guitar exceeds all expecations and is, for us here at Nugent Guitars, one of Constantin's finest pieces of work produced to date.

This guitar is weighty and loud, but Constantin has worked extremely hard and meticulously to ensure that it is extremely versatile and colourful.

A very sophisticated concert guitar for the serious professional player.

Constantin Dumitru has fast emerged as one the most gifted luthiers out of Europe and overseas. His guitar are regularly chosen by professional players at his home land of Romania and overseas.

Constantin Dumitriu

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