Some information about the luthier...

Spanish luthier Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez makes her wonderful concert guitars by hand in her small workshop tucked away in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain.

Her career as a first class reputable concert guitar maker stems nearly two decades. 

Coming from a family of craftsmen & women and being a very experienced weaver herself, it was no surprise that she eventually followed in the footsteps of her husband and very gifted guitar maker Rene Baarslag. 

During Ana’s apprenticeship and tutelage under Rene, Ana was able to draw on all his experience and knowledge and she soon began producing high quality concert guitars, but  some  eight years after she began, Ana was approached by luthier Alejandro van der Horst who also passed on his knowledge of guitar making to her and this inspired Ana to such an extent she began to re-think her design.

Ana immediately changed her concept and the evolution of Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez guitars began to change for each guitar she made.

I have heard it said so many times, if you play one of Ana’s guitars you will hear something special, feel something from the guitar which is difficult to explain, but nevertheless ‘magical’ ...

Ana’s is a very kind and humble guitar maker and she clearly puts her guitars’ success down to particular factors: Rene Baarslag, Alejandro Van Der Horst and her own experience and passion.

For me...I think Ana has that special ability to understand the guitar woods - especially the top...she knows when the tone of the ‘tap’ is just right. 

Ana’s guitar deliver every single time.

Luthier: Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez

Country: Spain

Year: 2014

Model: Concert Classical

Top: German Spruce

Back: Indian Rosewood

Sides: Indian Rosewood

Tuners: Rubner

Fret Board: Ebony

Frets: 20

Rosette: Hand Inlaid (Ana Espinosa Rodriguez design)

Scale: 650mm

Nut: 52mm

Condition: New

Spanish Luthier Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez has created again in her concert guitar a sound which is extremely well balanced with excellent volume and projection. But, there is more than this, there is clarity, sustain, beautiful sweet trebles, deep bass and above all of this there is an intimate sound which from the very first moment captures one’s attention.

This is a guitar, as all of Ana’s are, which has it’s own special personality and allows the player bring out their full potential as a musician and also the composer’s intention of any piece.

Ana’s concert guitars have received world acclaim and this guitar is part of her ever developing concepts.

I put Ana's concert classical guitars amongst the best in the world.


The next classical guitar arriving from Ana will be March 2015.

Ana Maria Espinosa Rodriguez